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pirate butte radio

Bend Community Internet Radio

Broadcasting from high atop Pilot Butte in Bend Oregon

Thanks for stopping by to check out our cannabis news and reggae jams, rolling 24×7 and streaming live Monday’s at 8:00 pm and Saturday mornings at 10:00 am (PDT). 

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Celebrating 1 year!

June 1st marks the beginning of year two for of Pirate Butte Radio. Thanks to everyone who has spent time with our unique local Bend-based broadcasts over the past year.

This last year 3,210 individual tuned in 14,370 times for more than 7,900 total listener hours. The average listener hangs with us for more than 35 minutes per listening session. Listeners from 16 different countries have spent time with us over the past year.

Questions? Suggestions? Contact us at piratebutteradio at gmail.com.


Pirate Butte Radio is on the air 24×7

Monday through Saturday, morning reggae 6 am to high noon. The eclectic DJ noon until midnight. Fridays are west coast and pacific roots rock reggae 6 am to 8 pm. Sunday jazz 6 am to 6 pm. PBR overnight every night midnight to 6 am – easy listening, beautiful music, lounge, elevator, exotica, and space age.

Live shows

High Desert Cannabis Culture: Monday 8 pm

Atomic Dog House with Celia: Tuesday 4 pm

The Coop roots and culture reggae: Saturday 10 am

Radical Song Book with Michael Funke: Saturday 2 pm

The Crack Shack with Nick and Sergio: Saturday 6 pm

the studio

The bunker has been rolling for years, coming direct to you from Bend, Oregon.